Class Descriptions

Welcome to the Illawarra’s newest and most exciting children’s program, Lil Shining Stars! We can’t wait to have you and your child experience the difference of NRG Studios’ specialised teaching methods.

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 Lil Shining Stars caters for students aged 2-6 years old in a range of styles. In these unique classes, your Lil Star will learn the important fundamentals of ballet, jazz, cheerleading and tumbling, but they won’t even realise it!

Our Lil Shining Stars program is designed to teach students through imaginative games and stories. They have so much fun each week they will be begging to come every day! Through our program, your Lil Star will continue to develop their gross motor skills, learn to count, interact with other children, build social skills, and learn to thrive in a classroom environment, all the while having an absolute ball!

Lil Shining Stars is a fantastic way to introduce your child to movement and fitness, and ensure they have a positive experience while they learn to develop healthy habits

Our Lil Shining Stars program offers something for every child.

Whether your Lil Star just wants a fun weekly activity, or they were born to be on the stage, we can cater for you.

Lil Shining Stars offers a range of classes and styles to both competitive & recreational students:

  • Jazz Jammers
  • Baby Ballet
  • Cheer Bunnies
  • Monkey Tumble
  • Petite Elite
Jazz Jammers
Students will learn kicks, leaps and turns to fun, current music. Jazz at NRG is sharp, fast and energetic. This is the perfect class if your child has lots of energy and loves bopping to songs on the radio!
Baby Ballet
Baby ballet follows a structured syllabus, teaching students slow, smooth moves to classical music. Students will learn how to count musical rhythms, barre work and center work. This is the perfect class if your child loves fairies and princesses!
Cheer Bunnies
Our cheer bunnies class teaches the fundamental basics of Allstar cheerleading. Students will learn stunts, jumps, pom motions and cheer style dance routines. Cheer Bunnies helps students learn to work as a member of a team and promotes social interaction. This is the perfect class if your child loves jumping and working as a team!
Monkey Tumble
Monkey tumble teaches students the fundamental basics of tumbling. Students will learn how to safely complete skills such as bunny hops, forwards rolls, cartwheels and handstands. We have lots of fun equipment for our students to use during their obstacle courses. Monkey tumble is a great way to build strength and flexibility. This is the perfect class if your little one loves climbing, jumping and being upside down!


Petite Elite

Our Petite Elite program is for those students wishing to take their dancing or cheerleading to the next level. In this program, students will learn a structured routine to perform at local eisteddfods or competitions. The perfect class if your child likes to perfect and learn new skills.