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NRG Studios Illawarra opened its doors in 2006 with the aim of providing affordable, high quality and above all, inclusive dance and cheer tuition.

We believe that dance and cheerleading should be accessible to every body type and every skill level.

We aim to help every student improve and achieve their individual potential.

We believe in creating opportunities for our students that help them gain confidence and new skills that will build their character and open doors for their futures.

We aim to create competitive teams who are humble in victory, gracious in defeat, supportive of their team mates and above all passionate and dedicated to their team.

The ballet syllabus we have chosen is inclusive of all body types and focuses on creating a student with strong technique while at the same time, understanding their body and how to fuel it, and our students’ deep love and understanding of ballet.

We have chosen to compete in Allstar Dance and Cheerleading competitions because they provide exciting National and International opportunities for our students as well as promoting a positive and healthy attitude to competition. We believe that participating in Allstar competitions will help foster strong ethics towards hard work, perseverance and team work that will follow our students into their later careers, giving them an edge.

“There may be a million stars, but we help our kids shine the brightest”

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