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"I love dancing because I love how movement can express so many emotions and I love performing on stage! I also love the opportunities that dancing at NRG has given me- from travelling to Melbourne and Queensland for Nationals, to travelling to America for Worlds (twice!) I’m so grateful for the way dancing has enriched my life!"

                                             - Amy Bennison 19yrs old

"I love dancing at NRG, I have made friends that I will keep forever and the teachers are amazing, the dances I do are the best yet that’s why I love NRG so much"

                                              - Ashli Cleary 12yrs old

"I love cheer because of the bond you have with your team and the challenge that it offers. I find myself constantly pushing my limits in order to reach my goals. It teaches valuable lessons that can be applied, not only in the context of cheerleading, but to the outside world as well."

                                             - Charlotte Gaynor 17yrs old


"I love dancing because of all the friends I have made and my teachers. NRG is like a second home for me and I enjoy all my classes."

                                             - Addison Evans 11yrs old


"I love cheer because I love the feeling of succeeding at a new skill, the feeling I get when my friends encourage me, and the feeling I get when I am able to help people to try their best. I love cheer because it builds me up to be the best person I can possibly be. Cheer is a big part in my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!"

                                          - Eloise Aylward 14yrs old