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Competitive Dance


Allstar Dance is an exciting way of dancing as a team (See our video page for examples). It is fairly new to Australia, but many studios are now converting to it as it offers so much more than traditional ways of competing such as eisteddfods. 

Allstar dance focuses on team work - no one ever leaves the stage! Routines are kept to a strict 2.5mins long which makes it interesting for the audience to watch. There is a set criteria for marking and judges go through a rigorous training to ensure they meet international standards. This means that it's not one person's opinion when being judged at a competition.

Teams are rewarded for having a similar skill level and dancing together. Gone are the days were you would only see one person in the limelight. If your child is part of an Allstar dance team, you know that your child will be receiving equal attention to their team mates. This is why our students improve so much!

2017 saw the expansion of our competitive dance teams with the addition of Youth Novice (for those who are just beginning), Senior Hip Hop, 12 and under Ballet Showteam and Adult Pom. We now offer a wide range of teams to suit many different abilities and ages.


What does it take to be a member of our competitive team?

The number one quality you need is DEDICATION. This above all, will help you to become the dancer you dream of. Different teams do have different requirements, for example our ballet showteam need to have studied ballet and have a solid technical base, whereas our hip hop team need to be able to hit their moves hard and have some experience with hip hop. If you are unsure of the requirements or if you would like to audition for our competitive dance teams contact us 


  • Your child will be taught by award winning choreographers
  • We have a proven track record of National and International success through our unique teaching
  • We provide a TEAM sport atmosphere and encourage girls and boys to work TOGETHER
  • We provide national and international performing opportunities to our students
  • We seek unique and special opportunities for our students i.e. professional photo shoots 
  • We provide unique learning opportunities from Australian and International coaches
  • We are committed to developing students with determination, resilience and a high work ethic.
  • We are committed to providing a supportive atmosphere that is INCLUSIVE of all body types and abilities
  • Our students are known for their high level of fitness, impressive skills and strong sportsmanship
  • Our graduates have gone onto achieve incredible things professionally and academically, and have credited NRG Studios with having helped them build such a great work ethic.













We are so excited to present our 2018 Senior and Open Worlds Team members. These young ladies have been working incredibly hard over the summer break and are determined to represent their country and studio to the best of their ability in the USA in April. We are so proud of them. They have shown that dedication and perseverance are the corner stone to achieving your dreams.