Recreational Cheerleading



NRG Studios offers fun and exciting cheerleading classes, suited to dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, and even those with no prior experience at all! 
American style cheerleading combines stunting, acrobatics, jumps, motions and sharp dance movements to create energetic routines!

NRG Studios is known for its positive, high energetic atmosphere in class! Our classes are filled with loads of fun, teamwork, cardio and stretching. Recreational cheerleading is a fantastic opportunity to learn new exciting skills in stunting, tumbling, dancing and performing!
Cheerleading at NRG are challenging and fun classes the involve much more than just chants pom poms. It is an energetic sport incorporating strength, flexibility, jumps and acrobatics as well as providing numerous performance opportunities for cheerleaders to showcase their talent!

Performance events include local fetes, festivals, NRG's midyear Showdown and the end of year concert. Cheerleading coaches are capable and qualified with many years or coaching and performance experience. Coaches at NRG are known to bring their bright smiles, enthusiasm and encouraging attitude to each and every class!

NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE is required to join!

ALL ages are welcome! NRG Studios has students aged 4 to mid 20s enrolled in recreational cheerleading. Students will learn how to work as a team to build pyramids and learn the technique required to perform impressive lefts and stunts.

NRG also offer RECREATIONAL TUMBLING CLASSES directly before or after cheerleading classes. Tumbling classes are great for students interested in learning gymnastic skills, acrobatic skills, building body strength and improving flexibility in a fun, safe environment. Students in recreational tumbling will learn skills such as forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, walkovers and handsprings.

Recreational cheerleading and tumbling students are guaranteed to significantly improve their flexibility and tumbling skills and stunting knowledge after just one term at NRG Studios. We take enrolments all year round so sign up for fun filled classes, performances and friendship opportunities!

What makes NRG Cheerleading so popular?

  • Unlike other squads, BOTH Recreational Cheerleaders and Competitive Cheerleaders get to perform at many great events! 
  • Our cheerleading classes are fun, friendly, and we encourage safe stunting and tumbling techniques.  
  • Our coaches are qualified and experineced so your children are in safe hands.
  • A prior level of flexibility is NOT REQUIRED and all ages are welcome- we currently have cheerleaders from 5 yrs to
    twenty something!
  • Coaches and team members are supportive and encouraging.
  • Exciting and inventive choreography ensures that performances are crowd-pleasing, dynamic and certainly never boring.
  • Recreational Cheerleading students have the option of adding a tumbling class, to increase their gymnastics skills in a fun and frinedly environment.