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"Well where do you start! I have been coming to NRG for 6 years with my kids and we absolutely love the point that I am actually beginning parents classes this year, something I am so looking forward to. I love the flexible payment options, family discount and the pay on time discount.
The teachers are just amazing and I love to watch everything my kids learn but also make time to watch all the other teams at comps because they are just so good. At so many comps I have had compliments to me personally of the high level of technique our competitive dancers display and it just makes me so proud to be a part of the NRG family. Have made so many new friends at the studio and just love the time we spend there each week.
If you're looking for a great team sport for your child give NRG a go because the team spirit is a step ahead and the kids just thrive under the leadership of Gen and Sam!"

                                             - Wendy Perrow

"My daughter has been dancing at NRG for 8 years. NRG has a diversity of talented, skilled, and friendly teachers. My daughter has had copious opportunities and unforgettable experiences dancing at NRG. And the friendships she has made will last a lifetime!"

                                              - Kristy Dinning 

"Having tried jazz and gymnastics elsewhere without much desire to continue, my daughter found cheerleading with the girls from NRG the perfect mix.  The studio is outstanding.  I have been particularly impressed with the level of communication and the fees are so reasonable."

                                             - Rebecca Nikolovski (Mum of 5)


"The most outstanding part of NRG studios is the good mood, charm, patience and hard work provided by both teachers, Miss Sam and Miss Gen, they are great!  My daughter comes to the classes happy and she has noticeably improved, we have been very lucky to find them."

                                             - Adriana Garcia  (Scientist)


"My 3 daughters love coming to NRG studios.  I never have to bribe them to come as they are enthusiastic each week.  The routines are outstanding and exciting.  Keep up the good work Sam and Genevieve!"

                     - Jules Alexander (Sales, Sydney Duty Free)